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Domestic violence is a label for various crimes that are committed against intimate partners, spouses, family, and household members. When violence or threats of violence are inflicted against these individuals, these crimes take on a special significance and are aggressively prosecuted and punished by the courts. Unfortunately, domestic violence crimes affect millions of individuals and families throughout the U.S. As an issue, they cut across both family law as well as criminal law.

When domestic violence becomes a part of your home life or a relationship, it is time to take steps to rectify the situation and protect yourself. The impact of domestic violence cannot be overstated. At Bobby Cloud Law, we can offer the help you need to secure a safe environment for yourself and your children. 

On the other hand, if you have been unjustly accused of domestic violence, we provide the skilled defense that you will need in the criminal courts. A domestic violence charge can have a serious and lasting impact on your life, including jail time, fines, probation, mandated anger management programs, and more as well as the serious restrictions and dictates of a restraining order. 

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Domestic Violence in Family Law

Individuals who have suffered any type of domestic violence, from assaults to harassment, stalking, and more or threats of such violence can seek emergency restraining orders through the courts. These temporary orders protect victims and their children from further violence until the court can hear both sides of the story in a formal court hearing. Temporary restraining orders can then be converted into more permanent orders if the judge determines they are justified. 

Restraining orders can do the following:

  • Force the alleged abuser to vacate the shared home
  • Bar him or her from committing further acts of abuse
  • Bar him or her from making any type of contact with the alleged victim
  • Prohibit him or her from possessing a firearm
  • Remove his or her custody rights
  • Order him or her to pay child support
  • Order any other actions or restrictions the court deems appropriate

Violation of a restraining order is a crime that can bring additional penalties. 

Domestic Violence in Criminal Defense

Unfortunately, you can be falsely accused of domestic violence by your spouse, ex-spouse, or other intimate partner or family member. These accusations can be based on lies, exaggerations, half-truths, and misrepresentation designed to smear you, often with an ulterior motive. These motives can include gaining the upper hand in a hostile divorce or child custody case or done for revenge, out of jealousy, or for other reasons. 

Unfortunately, you can be arrested and charged with a domestic violence crime based on scant or no evidence. With so much at stake, it is vital that you turn to an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to investigate such situations and build a defense strategy on your behalf.

Put an Experienced Professional on Your Side

Attorney Bobby Cloud understands the impact that domestic violence and false accusations of such violence can have on individuals and families. Attorney Cloud spent five years working in the Child Abuse Prevention Network of Kern County. That experience helped him gain a deeper insight as to how to effectively deal with domestic violence-related issues. 

With our experience in both the family and criminal justice systems, we can offer skilled representation in either court. Our team is here to advocate for you regardless of what side of the domestic violence issue you may be on. 

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