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When parents divorce, the matter of child custody becomes one of the most important and complicated issues of the process. Even in amicable divorces, this issue can lead to arguments and disputes that may be difficult to settle. Parents often feel their relationship with their child(ren) may be threatened by the other parent and by the divorce process that inevitably must create separate households, time-sharing, and parent plans. 

Most parents wish to spare their children the turmoil of custody battles in court. This can lead to less adversarial methods of settlement that our firm can put into practice. At Bobby Cloud Law, we encourage less animosity by offering skilled negotiation, mediation, and the collaborative law process, all dispute resolution methods conducted outside of the courtroom wherein you control the outcome. However, in cases where these methods are not possible, we know how to carefully prepare cases and advocate for your parental rights before a judge. In doing so, though, we must always align our efforts with the California court policy of custody agreements that serve the best interests of the child. 

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Understanding Child Custody & Visitation Rights in California

Child custody is broken down into two separate categories that may be awarded on a joint or sole basis. 

These include:

  • Legal custody. This gives parents the right to make major decisions about the child, such as those involving daycare, schooling, health care, religion, and more.
  • Physical custody. This gives parents the right to have access to the child in time-sharing arrangements.

Courts favor a frequent and continuing meaningful relationship with both parents for children as it is considered to be a healthier and more productive arrangement. Only in cases where a parent has a history of domestic violence, child neglect or abuse, substance abuse, or criminal activity will the court deny custody or visitation rights to the implicated parent. 

Joint custody may not be created on a 50-50 basis. Work and school schedules, household proximity, and other factors may enter into how custody arrangements are made. 

Custody arrangements are generally laid out in parenting plans that detail the schedule of overnights that the child will spend in each household. The more detailed these plans are, the less room there will be for disputes. How vacations, birthdays, holidays, and other special events will be shared should be included as well as how children will be exchanged, emergency contingencies, and other important factors. Parents can create their own plans by agreement and submit them to the court for approval. As long as they conform to the best interests of the child, they are likely to be approved and made into a court order by the judge. 

Adjusting and Enforcing Child Custody Agreements

Even the best-laid plans may need to be changed to accommodate future needs. Child custody arrangements can be modified through the court when a parent or child faces changing circumstances. Our firm can help you seek modifications as well as enforcement of custody orders when a parent continues to violate the terms of an arrangement. 

Choose Bobby Cloud Law for Compassionate Custody Solutions

Our child custody lawyer has seen the impact separation and divorce can have on children. We have witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by heated battles over who should get the children and when. In our experience, it is often best when parents can talk openly about parenting plan options and come to an agreement together. That is why we give you options that can help you keep these decisions under your control through healthier and saner resolution methods that protect the entire family. Of course, we also have extensive litigation experience and will fervently represent you in court when it is necessary.

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