Pre-Divorce Mediation When You Don't Know Where To Turn

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Divorce does not necessarily have to involve fighting in court. For many couples, many issues can be agreed upon fairly readily. There may only be one or two issues that are sticking points. With a skilled guide, a couple that is seeking divorce can move effectively and efficiently through the divorce process.

If you believe that there is a chance that you and your spouse can, with proper guidance, come to agreement on the issues that are part of your divorce, then our firm highly recommends that you consider pre-divorce mediation. Utilizing mediation to help you come to an agreement can help a divorcing couple save:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Stress

At Bobby Cloud Law, Bakersfield pre-divorce mediation attorney Bobby Cloud understands the toll that divorce can take on the people involved, especially children. He has witnessed firsthand the impact that divorce can have on children when litigation rather than cooperation is relied on to resolve issues.

Pre-divorce mediation creates an environment in which resolutions can be reached fairly and without the stress and anxiety that can come from fighting over issues that can be negotiated. Further, taking a divorce to court puts an exceptional amount of decision-making power over your life into the hands of a judge. Pre-divorce mediation keeps the decision-making power in the hands of those who know and care the most about your life — you and your family.

How Does Pre-Divorce Mediation Work?

Attorney Bobby Cloud would act as a neutral third party. His role would be to facilitate the resolution of the issues that are part of divorce including:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Property division

If necessary, the law firm is able to bring in outside professional assistance such as a licensed psychologist to assist with the resolution of issues and the securing of a divorce settlement agreement that works for you.

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