Grandparents' Rights When You Don't Know Where To Turn

Protecting The Rights Of Grandparents in Bakersfield

Grandparents often develop strong bonds with their grandchildren. Similarly, a loving relationship with a grandparent is frequently vitally important for a child. Family dynamics, however, can change throughout a child’s life for many reasons. A divorce or the separation of a child’s parents may create an environment that stands in the way of a grandparent’s access to that grandchild. With the growing number of blended families in California, many grandparents face challenges in maintaining relationships with their grandchildren.

In general, California law provides parents who are married with significant authority to raise their children as they see fit. However, when parents separate or divorce or a tragic event claims a parent’s life, the change in the family structure can adversely impact the relationship between a minor child and his or her grandparents.

An Experienced Family Law Attorney Dedicated To Defending Grandparents’ Rights

California courts will grant grandparents reasonable visitation rights in a variety of situations when it is in the best interests of the child. Bobby Cloud Law in Bakersfield, California, is well-versed in the complex family law rules regarding grandparents’ rights. We know that no two family structures are the same. Our compassionate lawyer draws on substantial experience in matters involving children to craft legal solutions to protect their well-being and future development.

If you are being denied access to your grandchildren, we will evaluate your unique circumstances and provide practical guidance and straightforward answers to allow you to understand your options to preserve your grandparent-grandchild relationship. If your visitation or custody rights as a grandparent are in jeopardy, we will craft the legal strategy best suited to rigorously protect your family relationship.

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