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If you and your spouse or the other party cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, child custody arrangements, property division settlement, or other legal matters, you have dispute resolution options. One of these is the collaborative law method. This method allows you and the other party along with your respect collaborative law attorneys and any other professionals you may need to work out your differences. This is done through cooperation, compromise, and an agreement not to engage in the adverse process of litigation. 

At Bobby Cloud Law, we offer this productive and positive method for resolving family law disputes. Our Bakersfield collaborative law lawyer, Attorney Bobby Cloud, is a proponent of this method for many reasons, chief of which is that it keeps the decision-making in your court as opposed to the judge’s. If you want to explore this option, we can help you determine if it is right for you or if another alternative dispute resolution method may be better. Our guidance can help you create a solid foundation for life after your divorce or other legal matter has been resolved.

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What Is Collaborative Law?

Collaborative law is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which both parties retain separate legal counsel to represent them during negotiations. It differs from mediation in that no neutral mediators guide the discussions, and, if an agreement cannot be reached, both parties must retain new counsel to pursue litigation.

The process consists of four-way sessions in which both parties and their respective attorneys meet in a safe and private space to negotiate a settlement that everyone can agree on. Cooperation and positive communication are the hallmarks of this method as opposed to fault-finding and other negative behavior that hampers negotiations. In addition to your attorneys, you may also rely on other experts for information that will facilitate the decision-making process, such as accountants, tax consultants, child therapists, appraisers, and others necessary to make sense of your particular issues. You and your attorney can also consult separately, away from the group. Once a settlement agreement is reached on the disputed issues, it can be formally written up and submitted to the court so that your case can be concluded.

The Benefits of Collaborative Law

Collaborative law can be a highly effective medium to resolve divorce and family law issues. The benefits of a collaborative divorce include:

  • It is often cheaper and less time-consuming than going to court.
  • Interested parties work together to decide on a positive resolution, creating a win-win solution.
  • It is less adversarial than litigation, which creates a more positive environment for both the separating couple and their children.
  • It establishes the groundwork for further negotiations if disputes arise in the future.
  • Parties are in charge of the outcome rather than a judge.
  • By working out their own terms and agreements, parties are more apt to abide by them than if they were the dictates of a judge. 
  • It is done in private as opposed to the public arena of a courtroom.

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