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To effectively defend against a DUI requires a commitment on the part of your attorney to fully examine every aspect of your case. Your attorney has to take the time to get to know the full scope of the facts of your case. He or she has to take full advantage of the discovery process. Your lawyer has to be willing to fight to suppress evidence when it is appropriate.

At Bobby Cloud Law, our Bakersfield DUI defense attorney understands what it takes to mount an effective defense against DUI charges. The law firm has handled several of these cases for previous clients, giving us first-hand experience in how the system works.

We are dedicated to helping our clients:

  • Preserve driving privileges
  • Avoid jail time
  • Avoid the harsh penalties that can come from a second DUI conviction down the road

One element of a DUI arrest that many people may not be fully aware of is the fact that they may receive two driver’s license suspensions — one from the California Department of Motor Vehicles and one through the courts as part of the criminal proceedings.

After your arrest for DUI, you can request a hearing to avoid an automatic suspension of your driving privileges. We can represent you at that hearing before the DMV and help you avoid a suspended driver’s license.

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