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Putting Children First in Child Custody Issues

Any time children are involved in a divorce or separation, it is important to put your differences with the other parent aside and consider your children’s needs. Divorce is especially difficult for children, and constant fighting can make a difficult situation even harder and more confusing for kids who may not fully understand the situation. At Bobby Cloud Law, we can help you form child support and child custody (parenting plan) agreements that put your children’s best interests first. Bobby Cloud Law is also happy to assist you when a prior parenting agreement or court order needs change. We understand that as time passes, even the best laid plan may need modified from time to time.

Our child custody lawyer has seen the impact separation and divorce have on children. We have witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by heated battles over who should get the children and when. In our experience, it is often best if the parents can talk openly about parenting plan options and come to an agreement together. We encourage you to resolve child custody issues through mediation or other collaborative methods. Of course, we also have extensive litigation experience and will fervently represent you in court when it is necessary.

Kern County Child Support

Unlike child custody, child support is not determined by the parents or court creating a plan. Rather it is based on a statutory formula that takes into consideration the parents’ income, the amount of time spent with the child and the needs of the child. We will explain this formula and give you an idea of what to expect when the final child support amount is determined.

Modifications of the child support amount may be necessary if you or the other parent loses a job, is remarried or due to another significant change. We will work with you to modify the amount according to your new circumstances.

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