Bakersfield Domestic Violence Lawyer

Kern County Spousal and Child Abuse Attorney

When domestic violence becomes a part of your home life or a relationship, it is time to take steps to rectify the situation and protect yourself. The impact of domestic violence cannot be overstated. Our firm can offer the help that you need to secure a safe environment for you.

If you have been unjustly accused of domestic violence, our firm can offer you the skilled defense that you will need. A domestic violence charge can have a serious and lasting impact on your life. Such a charge typically involves a restraining order or no-contact order. These orders can mean:

  • Being unable to return home
  • Being unable to have contact with your children
  • Being unable to possess a firearm

At Bobby Cloud Law, Bakersfield domestic violence attorney Bobby L. Cloud understands the impact that domestic violence and false accusations of domestic violence can have.He has seen the impact that this issue can have on a family or individuals. With our experience in both family and criminal court, we can offer skilled representation in either court.

Attorney Cloud spent five years working in the Child Abuse Prevention Network of Kern County. That experience helped him gain a deeper insight as to how to effectively deal with domestic violence-related issues.

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